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 Earn Commissions

f you believe in the power of .WS IDN, share the word and be rewarded! If you join the affiliate program, for $10 a month GDI pays 10% commission on all domain purchases by a referral. GDI also pays 10% commission on all domain purchases by someone your referral refers, and so on, down through five levels (a total 50% payout).

or example: if you refer Andy and he buys $100 of .WS domains, you will receive $10. If Andy then refers Becky and she buys $100 of .WS domains, you and Andy will both receive $10. If Becky refers Chris and he buys $100 of .WS domains, you, Andy, and Becky will all receive $10. This continues on for five levels of referrals, and there’s NO LIMIT to the number of people you may refer.

You will also receive 10% commission on annual domain renewals, 10% on the purchase of hosting service packages, and 1% on auction sales by your five levels of referrals.  You may join the affiliate program by registering an IDN domain, logging into your account, and visiting the "Commissions" area.  Don't keep the .WS IDN opportunity to yourself; create an account, spread the word, and get paid!